In a recent post I spoke about some of my favourite places to eat in Madrid. On the way, we were lucky enough to stop off in Hong Kong. Thanks to some wonderful friends and family members, we already had quite a few recommendations.

So where to start?!

HKPruneOrganicDeliBreakfast: There’s no place like it for breakfast… Prune Organic Deli was the bomb. I am still thinking about their muesli, served with fresh berries!

For traditional yum cha, Lin Heung Tea Room was fantastic. Seated at a communal table, and either waiting for the trolley, or doing as everyone else and crowding it as soon as it came out from the kitchen was the order of the day here… Remember to bring your elbows though!

For xiao long bao, Crystal Jade was great, but I am sure there is a less touristy option around.

Bars with a view, Felix or Sevva were excellent – nothing like finishing the day watching the lights over the harbour.

Aberdeen St. Social – great food, great atmosphere, and right next to PMQ, an area for emerging designers made for a great afternoon!

HKStreetsDinner: We followed a recommendation and went to Chom Chom – this place rivals (if not exceeds) Chin Chin in Melbourne for coolest Asian restaurant. The food was fresh, arrived in the knick of time, and was entirely delicious. Plus sitting at the bar meant great people watching! A visit to the China Club (thanks to my wonderful cousin) meant some of the best

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