You saw my recent post all about the fab new Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo Fo Loaf, today I have recipe number two – a Miso Chicken and Salad Sandwich!

In collaboration with Bakers Delight, I’ve been undertaking the No Challenge Challenge, to show that delicious bread can be eaten on a daily basis when you have IBS – you just need to know what to choose!

Because bread is one of the things my clients often comment that they miss most when following a low FODMAP diet, I was (and still am) pretty excited about this loaf.

A question from clients – how to be sure it really is Lo Fo?

Since it’s launch, I’ve had a few clients ask me how we can be certain the bread is low FODMAP when it is being made at any number of bakeries across the country – a very fair question considering we know that for gluten free bread to be gluten free it needs to be kept separate from any gluten containing foods. And, whilst this bread isn’t gluten free, the last thing anyone wants is to eat something thinking they’ll be fine, and then end up with bloating!

How to be sure the bread is low FODMAP?

Firstly, the recipe for the loaf has been tested by FODMAP friendly to ensure it is low FODMAP, with the specified serve size at 2 slices per day.

But how to ensure the recipe is stuck to? I went to Bakers Delight themselves and asked the question. They explained that Bakers Delight bakeries across the country follow strict recipes, to ensure each and every one of their products consistently exceeds the expectations of their customers. They’re confident that the risk of the Lo-Fo Loaf not meeting the low FODMAP criteria because ingredient misuse is low. So whilst it is up to the individual bakeries, strategies are in place to ensure the bread contains what it is supposed to contain.

Now… onto the recipe!

Miso Chicken & Salad Sandwich


2 slices Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo Fo Loaf

1/2 carrot, grated

1 handful shredded lettuce and red cabbage

80g chicken, sliced into strips

1/2 tbspn extra virgin olive oil

1/2 tbspn miso paste



  1. Mix miso paste and olive oil in a bowl, then coat chicken with the mixture.
  2. Heat fry pan.
  3. When fry pan is hot, add chicken and stirfry until cooked through.
  4. Meanwhile, combine carrot, lettuce and cabbage in a bowl.
  5. Arrange bread on a plate, then add chicken slices (either warm, or allow to cool).
  6. Place salad mix on top, followed by other slice of bread.
  7. Serve
*This post and recipe have been created in collaboration with Bakers Delight. I do this from time to time when I’m working with brands who’s products I like to recommend. Thoughts here are still entirely my own, regardless of collaboration.

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