My Food Diary – Breakfast

Something people often ask me is ‘what do you have? what do you eat for breakfast?’. So here is the answer peeps!

Following are my 3 favourite breakfasts, along with a little note about why.

Standard, day to day breakfast:

1/3 cup oats + 6 cashews + 2 tsp pumpkin seeds + sprinkle chia seeds + fruit (banana/blueberries/mango) + 1 or 2 of: natural yoghurt/soy milk/almond milk

Why? I love muesli and cereal, but prefer to make my own how I like it. Using cashews and oats helps keep the natural food chemicals down (something I need to be careful of, so like to keep on the low side day to day), plus this gives a nice combo of protein, fat and carbs to keep me going all morning. I’ll rarely need a morning snack with this baby!

Weekend breakfast:

Smoked salmon, swiss mushroom, spinach and bocconcini on toast (if possible, I like rye sourdough).

Why? My mouth is watering just thinking about this!! Perfect combo post run, with highly bio-available protein from the salmon, carbs from the bread and a delicious dose of veggies with the mushy and spinach. I sautee the lot in a pan with some olive oil and garlic, then add to the top of the toast (see pic). Seriously. Amazing.

On-the-go breakfast:

Breakfast smoothie: 1 tbspn oats, banana, handful berries, spinach leaves, 1 spoon natural yoghurt, soy milk, shot of espresso. Blend.

Why? My fave brekky smoothie! Can drink this in the car on the way to work on those mornings I’ve run… I am not a fan of getting up at 5am, but do if it is the only time I can train. This smoothie means an extra 10 minutes of sleep!

And an extra for goodluck…

Smashed avocado on toast with Vegemite and Ricotta

Why? Go and eat it, and you will see why!

So there you have it folks!

I love hearing of alternate breakfast ideas for inspiration – would love to hear your favourites!

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