My Favourite Breakfasts in the Inner West

Sydney is a place known for its amazing beaches, sunshine, and in my opinion, amazing breakfasts.

Here are some of my favourite places for a healthy breakfast in the Inner West (in no particular order):

  1. Bread and Circus: Located in Alexandria in a gorgeous warehouse space, this is my go-to recommendation when interstate friends ask for where they should go for breakfast whilst in Sydney. Mostly because the food is great, but partly because the décor is so beautiful! Many options are sustainable or organic (or both). The morning jumble, or tomato and avo on toast are my favourites, however for you egg eaters (lovers) out there, Breakfast with Gwenyth is a winner. As long as you get there early, you’ll skip having to line up!


    Porridge at Bread and Circus

  2. Egg of the Universe: Found attached to a yoga studio in Rozelle, there is nothing quite like sitting in the courtyard in the dappled sunshine feeling completely zen, sipping on Kombucha whilst sharing some of the delectable options on the breakfast menu. The menu is seasonal, and again, mostly organic and/or sustainable. Buckwheat and sweet potato pancakes, superfood granola, and the seasonal breakfast will all leave you feeling satisfied and nourished.
  3. The Grounds of Alexandria: I don’t think there is a more beautiful place to eat breakfast than the grounds. The garden boasts many of the things you’ll find on your plate, they have their own bakery and coffee roastery, and even their own farm animals. Weekends you’ll find markets to keep you entertained whilst you wait for a table (be prepared to wait!). The signature avocado, or the ocean trout crudo are the bomb – I always hope who I am with wants the same so we can share.
  4. Sadhana Kitchen: A beautiful vegan, raw foods café on Enmore road, that is as much about the lunches and ‘healthy’ cakes, as it is breakfast. With some food intolerances catered for as well, if you are sometimes picky with your food choices, this is the spot for you!
  5. Cornersmith: They have their own picklery, there is regular classes in all things from fermention (which was awesome btw) to preserving, making salads or bread making, there is something for everyone. Plus, produce is selected from local, small scale farmers, and using plenty of in-house things to. And they do produce swaps as well. In the immortal words of Phil Jamieson, this is ‘just ace’.
  6. Ili Hill: Found on a quite corner in Marrickville, this café, like others uses fresh, sustainable produce and has a lovely, interesting menu. If you feel like something decadent, the ricotta pancakes are an absolute winner… and if you can’t finish your meal, rather than throwing it out, they’re more than happy to package it up for you to take home for later.

Honourable mentions go to:

And a special mention goes to Black Market Roasters, I am yet to taste their avo toast (though I’m told it’s fab), however their coffee is so good we now have their beans to use at home!

There is obviously so many other fantastic options out there – I would love to hear any of your suggestions!

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