9 high-protein snacks to try

The human body contains thousands of different proteins. Each one of these proteins is made up of unique combinations of amino acids. Proteins are the building blocks of most of the structures in our bodies, including muscles, skin, bones and even blood. They also function as enzymes, which help to instruct and perform countless physical […]

How to get your recommended fibre intake every day

When you think of fibre, you probably think about bowel and digestive health. But did you know that eating the recommended amount of fibre each day also has a far-reaching impact on your overall wellbeing. This includes improving heart health, lowering cholesterol, managing blood sugar levels, maintaining a healthy weight and fueling your gut microbiome. […]

High-protein breakfast: Why it’s so important

We often hear protein being spoken about in the context of building lean muscle, but there are other reasons it’s so important to include this macronutrient, especially first thing in the morning. In this article, I’ll explain what we need protein for, why it’s important to eat a high-protein breakfast and how it can set […]

How to make a healthy smoothie

Smoothies may be quick, convenient and versatile, but it can also be tricky to actually make them in a way that is healthy. They should provide a hefty dose of fibre and micronutrients to promote good digestive health, balance the gut microbiome and boost the immune system. But whether a smoothie is healthy or not […]

Healthy road trip snacks: The ultimate guide

When I think of a great road trip, I think of good tunes, amazing company and delicious snacks! As summer approaches, many of us will be going on road trips, and maybe many of us are also trying to achieve more balance in our diets. Let’s look at some healthy road trips snacks that you […]

How to stay healthy in winter

As we continue into the cooler months, this is the perfect time to make your health a priority. This should include regular physical activity and taking some time out to recharge your mental health. It also needs to include eating a balanced diet. There are plenty of fresh fruit and veggies on the shelves at […]

How to eat healthy on a budget

With the price of groceries being what it is at the moment, especially for fresh produce, budget eating is becoming a more and more important topic. What are some tasty options you can choose to ensure you’re staying within your budget while also ticking nutrition goals? Let me show you how to eat healthy on […]

30 plant foods per week is magic for your health

Researchers working on the American Gut Project found a number of health benefits associated with eating 30 plant foods per week. Compared to those who consumed 10 or less, people who consumed 30 or more had much more diversity in their gut microbiome.   They also showed an increase in the number of bacteria which produce […]

How to plan your meals effectively

Are you new to the idea of planning your meals? Are you regularly in need of some inspiration? Either way, one of the best ways to help your nutrition stay on point is to plan your meals and snacks. Your meal prep could be done at the start of the week, or even at the […]

5 types of probiotics and why they’re good for you

You may know that probiotics are beneficial for your gut microbiome, and while this is true, not all probiotics are created equal. In fact different types of probiotics (also known as probiotic strains) have different functions within the body. If you’ve read any of the upcoming, almost unpronounceable terms on the back of your yoghurt […]