How to optimise your workout with food

Whether you’re an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, food plays an important role in getting the most out of each workout. Whatever your goal might be, timing your meals and snacks around your training, along with maintaining hydration, are necessary to appropriately fuel each session and aid recovery. Achieving the right balance of nutrients also plays a critical […]

<strong>Fibre supplements for constipation</strong>

Anyone who experiences constipation will know that it’s incredibly uncomfortable and can take a major toll on your quality of life. Fibre supplements are commonly used by individuals with constipation, but it can be confusing as to which one to trial. Read on to find out more about fibre supplements for chronic constipation, which may help assist […]

These healthy snacks are the best for working from home

Snacks can make or break your nutrition goals. You know that including them is beneficial, but when you do you don’t see much positive difference. You need good snacks for their nutritional value without the excess energy and high amounts of sugar and bad fats. These bad snacks can negatively affect your health, mood, energy […]

Breast milk components that help promote sleep

As you will have seen in my previous article, there are many breast milk components that serve different functions, such as sleep.  They interestingly also change across the day and night to promote either alertness during the day or sleepiness at night, which you can read more on here. Why do the components of milk matter? Breast milk […]

Artificial sweeteners: The pros & cons

Woman using artificial sweeteners in a hot beverage

Artificial sweeteners are confusing, with many of us wondering: Should we? Shouldn’t we? Like most areas in nutrition, the answer isn’t black and white, but empowering yourself with knowledge about them is the best place to start. Every individual has their own unique characteristics, which is why we’re discussing both the pros and cons of […]

Breast milk composition changes 

Breast milk composition changes pending time of day, as you read about in my previous article. Breast milk contains higher levels of cortisol and activity-promoting amino acids during the day, to promote alertness, feeding behaviour, and catabolic processes in infants.  Night milk contains high levels of melatonin and tryptophan to foster sleep, relax digestion, and support […]