Packed lunch ideas for adults

Most of us – including those among us with school-aged children – know how important a nutritionally-balanced lunch box is to support concentration, learning and play each and every day. But packed lunches don’t need to stop once we finish school! Buying lunch every day is not only costly, but it can also be tricky […]

Quick and easy lunch ideas  

Despite our best intentions, on especially busy days lunch can become an afterthought (or non-event altogether). Keep your body and mind properly fuelled to tackle everything else on your plate with these quick and easy lunch ideas that don’t compromise on taste.   Sandwich-sized crackers. Wholegrain, seeded crackers are a satiating option, that will keep you […]

How to eat well on a budget 

Eating well doesn’t need to cost the earth, nor should it be bland and boring! Find out how to save at the supermarket with our go-to hacks for eating well on a budget.   Get back to basics  If you don’t have a nutrient deficiency or health condition, there’s no need to purchase expensive supplements and […]

How to order take away the healthy way 

When modern life gets the better of us, ordering take away – at least occasionally – is inevitable, even for the most passionate cooks among us! Although finding a nourishing option can sometimes be tricky, it’s definitely possible. Let us show you how to order takeaway the healthy way; find our general tips, followed by […]

10+ tasty ways to enjoy more seeds in your diet 

From sesame and poppy, to sunflower, chia and hemp (and many more!), seeds are incredibly rich in nutrients, including essential fatty acids, minerals and dietary fibre. Including a variety in your diet throughout the week is also a fantastic way to boost dietary plant diversity, for a happy and healthy gut microbiome.   As seed-specific allergies […]

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport 

Relative Energy Deficiency in Sport, known as REDs, is something we see in clinic all the time. It was first introduced in 2014 by the International Olympic Committee’s expert writing panel. The International Olympic Committee’s (IOC) consensus statement on REDs has recently been updated, so we thought it was timely to chat about what REDs […]

Key nutrients for immune health 

Certain nutrients play an integral role in immunity, critically supporting the healthy functioning of different types of immune cells, promoting antibody formation, and helping to reduce oxidative damage and inflammation. Some key nutrients to support immune health include:  What about supplements? For some of us, it’s difficult to obtain all immune-supporting nutrients in appropriate amounts.  Supplementation […]

10 study snacks to boost your brain power 

The brain requires lots of energy to function well. The right foods – at meals and in between – help to fuel cognitive capacity and memory, which become especially important when exams or busy work periods are looming!  Ideally, study snacks to boost your brain power will feature a combination of dietary fibre, protein and […]

How the aussie diet is stacking up

A recent article shared key findings from the CSIRO healthy diet score report, which revealed how the average aussie diet is stacking up…and it isn’t ideal!  The article highlights that the CSIRO surveyed 235,000 Australian’s about their diet and found only 35 per cent of the population is eating enough vegetables.  It also highlighted that alcohol, takeaway food, […]

Key Nutrients to support energy levels 

Finding yourself feeling particularly tired recently?  Nutrient deficiencies may be a contributing factor!  Below are some key nutrients to support energy levels.  Deficiencies in any of these nutrients can contribute to feelings of tiredness, lethargy and fatigue.   B vitamins Many B vitamins – including B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7 and B12 – critically support energy […]