With the increasing interest in the health benefits a vegan diet provides, it was only going to be a matter of time before meal delivery services jumped on board. With the launch of Eat Fit Food Vegan Reset, the bar has been set incredibly high.

Why the interest in veganism?

More and more information is showing that reducing our reliance on meat can have a multitude of health benefits. From reducing bowel cancer risk to improving heart health, reducing body fat and increasing longevity. For those who want to follow an entirely plant based diet, there are certainly benefits. However if you simply want to reduce your intake, these same health benefits can be enjoyed.

For this reason, I really like the Eat Fit Food Vegan Reset; if you wanted to follow for the whole week, you could, however the plan could also easily be adapted into an otherwise healthy, non-vegan eating plan.

What about the Eat Fit Food Vegan Reset meals?

Breakfasts –

A green power smoothie, a mango kickstarter smoothie and goji bircher muesli. All were delicious, however I found both smoothies kept me satisfied for longer in the morning. The mango smoothie was a hands down favourite for me – super delicious!

Lunches and dinners –

Each was filling, nourishing and incredibly tasty. Meals ranged from Tofu Pho, Moroccan eggplant and kidney bean bowls with green millet, Spiced turmeric coconut curry with tofu, carrot noodles & ginger infused grains and Cauliflower, cannellini bean & celeriac soup. I loved how so many different ingredients and flavours were utilised. None of the meals felt they were ‘missing’ anything by not having any meat. My partner even enjoyed one of them one evening (and didn’t notice it was vegan either!)


Snacks –

Lemon and ginger protein balls, nut and seed slice and tamari nuts – great variety and super delicious. I could eat those tamari nuts every single day!

My thoughts?

In a nut shell, I am an absolute fan of the increased interest and awareness in eating less animal products. The concept of the 3 day reset is great. It allows those who maybe aren’t so familiar with the concept to dip their toe in, so to speak, of animal product free, nutritious meal choices.

At the same time, for those who follow a vegan diet and are looking for the convenience of fresh-cooked meal delivery, the Eat Fit Food Vegan Reset is second to none.

*Thanks again to Eat Fit Food for the delicious meals I enjoyed. Whilst this is a sponsored post, I do collaborate with companies from time to time who’s products I love to recommend. This review is based on my own thoughts and feelings of the product, and in no way influenced by the collaboration.

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