Fuelling up for game/race day

In a recent post I spoke about fuelling up for long training sessions. Today, I wanted to talk about what to do on race/game day.

The reality is, it should not be any different from what you’d usually do before a big event. Why? Firstly, you want to know that whatever you’re eating, it sits well, and it works to get you the results you’ve been training for. Secondly, bringing something new in on event day means there is another variable that something could go wrong – reduce the stress, and the nerves you’re undoubtedly feeling by keeping it simple, and the same.

SportsEnduranceI also usually recommend to have something familiar the night before as well. If you usually have pasta with tomato based sauce, avoid switching to creamy, or if you’ve never had rice before an event, don’t start the night before your next one! This suggestion is particularly for runners with sensitive stomachs. If running is your sport, it’s possible you will have had runners gut at some point. This is much less likely for cycling or swimming, due to the differing stress running places on your gut.

My favourite? Wholemeal pasta with snapper, pepper, garlic and olive oil, and a green salad. I find this sits really well, with the pasta providing enough carbs, and the snapper a great lean protein source. Breakfast is usually weetbix with a banana and soy milk, sometimes blended as a smoothie if I’m running sooner (or need to drink en-route to start line!), or eaten whole if there’s more time to digest.

The. Best.

I’d love to hear your favourite pre event meals!

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