I was recently lucky enough to be sent a couple of samples of a new milk on the market, ‘The Complete Dairy‘. This milk is 25% lower in lactose, and 70% higher in protein than the average cows milk. Often when I see these types of products, my initial reaction is ‘ugh, what have they done to it to cause that’. In this instance, my worries were definitely not justified; the change in nutrition content is achieved through a special type of cold filtration technology – how cool is science?!

From my perspective, having more low lactose options on the market is excellent. At 25% lower lactose than normal dairy milk, it can be a good option for those who are sensitive. Two of my taste testers are sensitive to lactose. One had a cup of tea with approx 50mL of milk, with no issues. The other a milky coffee and on breakfast, again with no issues – two very happy customers!

For the every day person, who is moderately physically active, it is actually very easy to meet protein requirements (of ~1g/kg over the day), however athletes often have much larger requirements. This milk could be a good way of getting in extra protein, without extra volume of food (which I know many athletes struggle with, particularly when aiming to gain muscle size). In the same way, benefits can be seen for those who may struggle to regularly eat enough on a daily basis. This milk could also be useful for others with medical conditions who have higher protein needs, such as people with some times of cancer and liver disease.

What about taste?

Of the four people who tasted the milk, two felt that it was really nice, tasted about the same as normal cows milk. One said that she liked it more than her usual milk, though she couldn’t pinpoint why, and another said he liked it much more than usual cows milk, as the full cream version didn’t leave a fatty taste in your mouth like some full cream milks do.

My favourite way to have it? Pair with a frozen banana, oats, chia seeds and cinnamon, for a delicious on the go breakfast!



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