One of the key comments my clients with IBS say to me when following a low FODMAP diet is that they really miss that yummy, fluffy bread that they can use to make a sandwich. So when Bakers Delight launched their new range of Lo Fo Loaf, and they asked me to make something, I knew exactly what I had in mind – a yummy, Mediterranean style open sandwich!

Why a Lo Fo Loaf?

Bakers Delight created their new Lo Fo Loaf due to the large quantity of Australians who experience bloating and IBS from consuming foods high in FODMAPs.

Many of you will have heard of FODMAPs before, and the impact they can have on improving symptoms of IBS when taken out of the diet. Given around 20% of Australians suffer from IBS, and an estimated one in three suffer from bloating and discomfort from foods high in FODMAPs, IBS can have a significant impact on daily life. And, this means a significant number of Australians missing out on yummy bread, as wheat, the basis of most breads, is rich in wheat fructans, also known as oligosaccharides.

1-2 Slices Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf has been certified as low FODMAP by FODMAP Friendly.

An Open Mediterranean Sandwich!

I love encouraging people to find ways to include more veggies in their diet, and with the health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, plus the low risk of bloating from the bread, the sandwich is a perfect match for those with gut issues, who also want to promote best health.


1-2 Slices Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo-Fo Loaf

3 x 1cm slices eggplant

2 x slices red capsicum

1 x 5cm piece zucchini, sliced into long quarters

4 black olives

Thumb size piece feta

Olive oil

Pepper, thyme and salt to taste


  1. Heat BBQ grill
  2. Combine olive oil and herbs and spices in a bowl
  3. Coat eggplant, zucchini and capsicum in olive oil mix, then place on heated BBQ grill for approx 2-3 minutes, or until cooked, then flip to other side and do same
  4. Toast bread
  5. Arrange cooked veggies on toast, then top with olives, feta and a little more fresh thyme if desired
  6. Serve!

Also… I love making this using veggies left over from a BBQ, however it also works well to cook fresh!


*This post and recipe have been created in collaboration with Bakers Delight. I do this from time to time when I’m working with brands who’s products I like to recommend. Thoughts here are still entirely my own, regardless of collaboration.

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