I’ve spoken about my Nana’s pearls of wisdom here before, in a discussion about the benefits of gelatin for collagen production, but here we are again with another tid bit – magical manuka honey!

As many of you know, as a kid (well, for my whole life really!) I’ve suffered from eczema – itchy, irritating and oh-so self-conscious equating. One of the (many) treatments my Nan and Mum tried on my skin was, incidentally, manuka honey. Like with most things for eczema, it worked on and off. I still remember how soothed my skin felt when the manuka honey was applied to the irritated area.

When our skin is unhealthy, the barrier is weakened, and more permeable. This results in increased sensitivity to irritants.

So why am I telling you about magical manuka honey?

Manuka honey has a large quantity of polyphenols, and anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial properties according to a number of studies, with ability to heal skin wounds (hence the help with the eczema), along with low anti-oxidant activity. Why does this matter? These properties help protect the skin from the damage caused by pollution and UV rays, repair damage through stimulating collagen production, meaning it helps improve the health of skin barrier, and as such, the skin itself.

Sounding pretty amazing huh?

But won’t it be sticky to put on my skin?

Yep, if you put straight manuka honey on your skin, it certainly will be. So what to use instead?

There’s a cream for that!

What is Pure Vitality?

manuka honeyThis cream is 99.6% naturally derived, with manuka honey being one of the star ingredients. Korean Red Ginseng Root (the  has been shown to have a number of excellent outcomes of it’s use, including:

  • Improved skin hydration
  • Improve collagen productin
  • Degrease in extracellular matrix degradation
  • Improvement in skin appearance by reducing signs of ageing

How else to use manuka honey?

A little drizzled in your morning smoothie, marinate some fish in manuka honey and ginseng or as they did at the breakfast, smoke salmon with both the honey and gingseng – absolutely delicious!


I was very lucky to attend an event recently at Three Blue Ducks in Roseberry, hosted by Kiehl’s to launch their new skin care cream, Pure Vitality . However, I am not being reimbursed for this post.  My skin is dry and sensitive. For the first time that I can remember recently, my skin hasn’t felt like I MUST put a hydrating serum on under my moisturiser.

To me, this is absolutely amazing, and the reason I decided to share my experience!




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