There’s nothing quite like staying at a luxurious resort and arriving at the breakfast on your first morning… only to feel like you want to try absolutely everything! So what are the best ways of managing buffet breakfast?

5 Strategies for Managing Buffet Breakfast

Fill your plate… but just once

managing buffet breakfastWhen there’s so many choices when managing buffet breakfast it can be hard to know what you feel like. First, peruse all the different options. Once you know what your top choices are, choose a small portion of your favourites so your plate is just full. Return to the table, east slowly and mindfully… and enjoy!

Pick from one section only

As above, it can be hard to choose when managing buffet breakfast. Sticking to the suggestion of one plate only still works, but rather than choosing from every section, choose a different one each day. One day is English style, one is pancakes, one is Japanese and the next is continental…or whatever other options here may be! Sounds good to me!

Make a healthier choice

managing buffet breakfastWhen at the buffet, one of my personal favourites is the pancakes. Rather than having with maple syrup and cream, pair with fruit and yoghurt. And if choosing from the cooked breakfast, fill your plate with veggies, whatever the cuisine; think grilled tomato, mushroom and spinach from an English style meal, lentil curry and veggies if it’s Indian, or soba noodles with plenty of seaweed, spring onion and tofu if choosing Japanese.

Go a tad late for ‘brunch’

By arriving at breakfast a little later, this means youll probably only need brunch and dinner, meaning if what you choose is a tad more energy dense than usual it won’t matter quite so much

managing buffet breakfastFit in some exercise 

Whilst most of us use holidays as a break from our usual training regime, this doesn’t mean throwing in the towel all together. Holidays can be a great time to experiment with different types of exercise. Yoga on the beach, pool/ocean swims, long walks and morning runs exploring your destination are all easy ways of fitting in activity without it feeling too much like ‘training’, and you’ll be well ready for breakfast by the time you reach the buffet!


I’d love to hear your favorite holiday destinations! Also, check out the previous post about nutrition for the travelling athlete!

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