Chloe regularly contributes to various magazines, blogs & websites. She has been interviewed & quoted in the Australian media on a range of nutrition topics using scientifically proven, practical advice that you can benefit from.

You can find some of her articles below.

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2UE  Radio

Anti-Inflammatory foods you should be eating

Seductive names, make vegetables more appealing

Could vegemite help prevent miscarriages?

FODMAPS – Could they be causing your bloat?

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Body and Soul

These are the five hormones that control weight gain and mood

What is the ketogenic diet and should I be doing it?

How many calories does fruit actually have?

Late night healthy dinner options

How much salt should we be eating

Are smoothies a healthy breakfast alternative

Apple Cider Vinegar – Is it really the cure for everything

Eating at night: is it worse to go to bed hungry or eat late?

The foods that are making you anxious

Healthiest dinner options from a dietitian

Eight food myths to stop believing

What’s the deal with fancy waters, anyway?

The simple food swaps that will help you lose weight

What is funghi, and why is it crucial for your gut?

How to cook for someone on a low FODMAP diet

A dietitians guide to managing IBS

The foods that fight bloating

Creaky Joints

The key to an anti-inflammatory diet

Daily Guru


The Fit Foodie

FODMAPs 101: What you need to know about the FODMAP diet

The FODMAP Challenge – Regular Contributor

Is Gluten Free Healthier?

Best Packaged Low FODMAP Snacks

Which Foods are High FODMAP?

4 Reasons to do The FODMAP Challenge

Good Food

What are sausages really made of?

Huffpost – Regular Contributor

Diet and mental health – Effects of food on mental health

Forget everything, this is what eating healthy means

This is why treating yourself to ‘bad’ foods is totally ok

How to eat around exercise sessions

Do you stress eat? Here’s what you can do about it

12 Foods that aren’t as healthy as you think

7 easy tips for eating healthy on a budget

How to balance increased hunger after working out

IBS and how a low FODMAP diet can help

The lowdown on popular sugar alternatives

Simple ways to integrate more plant-based foods in your diet

5 ways to promote your mental health through your diet

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Understand FODMAPS and IBS

Mum’s Delivery

How to encourage your child to eat healthier foods

6 Easy Changes to Help Lose the Post Baby Bump!

Nature and Health

Little changes, big results

North of Here – Regular Contributor

Need to know fodmaps

Eating well at work


What is you body trying to tell you?

How to manager IBS


What to eat and what not to eat before your morning run

Scoop Nutrition

Fish oils and Omega 3


Food v Stress – What is causing your IBS

Should you choose gluten free if you’re not gluten intolerant?

Two Wheel Tours

Nutrition for Cyclists


Budget friendly eating