a weekend in the mountains

A Healthy Weekend in the Mountains

They say that getting out of the city into the fresh air is good for the soul. When you get to do it with 5 other health conscious ladies, you know you’re going to be in for a treat. A healthy weekend in the mountains! Last weekend I was super lucky to be invited to […]

Spicing it up to eat more veggies

There are currently four in five Australians not eating enough vegetables on a daily basis. Whilst stats like this aren’t exactly new, it is no less concerning. Given the many wondrous things we know vegetables do for our health. A recent study however has found spicing it up to eat more veggies may be the […]

Label Reading – Checking Food Labels Matters

One of the sessions if find my clients benefit from more than anything else is help with label reading. Yes, on the surface, it may seem simple enough, but checking food labels matters for a number of reasons. Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the ‘how to’ of label reading, along with some useful resources […]

artificial sweetener

A spoonful of artificial sweetener makes… you forget everything?

Artificial sweetener in soft drinks is commonly marketed as being the ‘healthier’ cousin of sugar sweetened beverages. Whilst there is extensive research linking consumption of artificial sweeteners with obesity, the new study has found an association with development stroke and Alzheimers Disease. This research into consumption of artificial sweeteners has shown some concerning results. Statistical adjustments were made […]

nutrition is part of my training

Why nutrition is part of my training

Ruby cycles for the female Australian pro cycling team Roxsolt Attaquer.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with her over the last few months. Ruby’s been killing it in her races, and is about to head off to the US and Europe for their summer cycling season. Ruby’s been kind enough to write about her experiences […]

A FODMAP Friendly Dinner

On Tuesday night I attended the FODMAP friendly dinner at Nel Restaurant in Sydney, hosted by dietitian Chloe McLeod. I found out about this dinner through my current involvement in The FODMAP Challenge, a 12 week course by Chloe that helps you sort out which foods are triggering your irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. As the […]

eat sleep train repeat

Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

There is nothing quite as rejuvenating as getting a good night’s sleep. For athletes, ensuring sleep is adequate in both duration and quality is essential. Particularly as their schedules often look something like ‘eat sleep train repeat’. Why? Did you know that research shows that sleep has a direct and significant impact on how well […]

Eat Fit Food

Road Test Eat Fit Food

Even for someone like myself, who loves cooking and creating new meals, life can sometimes get busy, and eating well can sometimes be difficult. I was lucky enough to road test Eat Fit Food recently, which is a meal delivery service. Read More

Magical Manuka Honey

I’ve spoken about my Nana’s pearls of wisdom here before, in a discussion about the benefits of gelatin for collagen production, but here we are again with another tid bit – magical manuka honey! As many of you know, as a kid (well, for my whole life really!) I’ve suffered from eczema – itchy, irritating […]

buffet breakfast

5 Strategies for Managing Buffet Breakfast

There’s nothing quite like staying at a luxurious resort and arriving at the breakfast on your first morning… only to feel like you want to try absolutely everything! So what are the best ways of managing buffet breakfast? 5 Strategies for Managing Buffet Breakfast Fill your plate… but just once When there’s so many choices […]