Healthy road trip snacks: The ultimate guide

When I think of a great road trip, I think of good tunes, amazing company and delicious snacks! As summer approaches, many of us will be going on road trips, and maybe many of us are also trying to achieve more balance in our diets. Let’s look at some healthy road trips snacks that you […]

How to stay healthy in winter

As we continue into the cooler months, this is the perfect time to make your health a priority. This should include regular physical activity and taking some time out to recharge your mental health. It also needs to include eating a balanced diet. There are plenty of fresh fruit and veggies on the shelves at […]

How to eat healthy on a budget

With the price of groceries being what it is at the moment, especially for fresh produce, budget eating is becoming a more and more important topic. What are some tasty options you can choose to ensure you’re staying within your budget while also ticking nutrition goals? Let me show you how to eat healthy on […]

How to plan your meals effectively

Are you new to the idea of planning your meals? Are you regularly in need of some inspiration? Either way, one of the best ways to help your nutrition stay on point is to plan your meals and snacks. Your meal prep could be done at the start of the week, or even at the […]

These healthy snacks are the best for working from home

Snacks can make or break your nutrition goals. You know that including them is beneficial, but when you do you don’t see much positive difference. You need good snacks for their nutritional value without the excess energy and high amounts of sugar and bad fats. These bad snacks can negatively affect your health, mood, energy […]

Foods for Great Skin

Taking care of our skin, the largest organ in the body, is paramount to many of us. Having great skin is linked to health and vitality, and a bad skin day can reduce in lower confidence and self esteem. What we eat has a big impact on the health of our skin. As food is […]

Alcohol and Sports Performance

Alcohol and Sports Performance Alcohol seems to be an ingrained part of not just our culture, but within sports themselves in many games in Australia. A beer after the match, or a few drinks for team bonding is something we regularly hear about. Whilst I am all for having a good time, there are a […]

Is meat ok?

To meat or not to meat? There’s been much hype in the media recently about meat causing cancer, particularly processed meats. But does this mean you should become vegetarian? The research is right, over consumption of meat CAN increase the risk of cancer,  in particular bowel cancer. Processed meats containing artificial nitrates increase the risk […]

Fuelling For Training

Fuelling up for long training sessions Regardless of your sport, if you’re an endurance athlete heading out for a big session (ie, longer than 90mins), eating appropriately before hand can be the key to if you have a great training session or not. But why is it so important? Our muscles contain a substance called […]

48 Hours In Hong Kong

In a recent post I spoke about some of my favourite places to eat in Madrid. On the way, we were lucky enough to stop off in Hong Kong. Thanks to some wonderful friends and family members, we already had quite a few recommendations. So where to start?! Breakfast: There’s no place like it for […]