I was lucky enough to be invited along to the recent event from Business Chicks titled ‘What Should I Eat’.

Given the amount of confusion in the media, and the varying philosophy’s of the speakers, it was always going to be an interesting event. Panellists included Damon Gameau, Lola Berry and Jessica Sepel, along with Luke Hines, Joe Wicks and David Gillespie.

So, my thoughts?

It was great to see the panel keeping it mostly balanced, and focusing on things like keeping it simple, eating less processed food, and eating more veggies. Which really, is the corner stone to good nutrition! My two personal favourite quotes of the night came from Jessica Sepel and Joe Wicks. Jessica’s acknowledgment that beautiful, complicated insta pics can add to the pressure individuals feel to cook gourmet meals, and the feeling it must be hard to do this was lovely to hear; it really does not need to be that difficult to cook a healthy meal!

Joe had the tag line #mealpreplikeaboss … am totally going to be using this! I regularly feel I talk to people more about being organised and how to make healthy choices, rather than what a healthy choice actually is. The more organised you are, the more likely it is you will make a healthy choice.

One of the panel at one stage asked the audience who regularly cooks food themselves, and it was so lovely to see nearly everyone in the room raise their hands – what a response! So wonderful to see so many people making the effort to prepare their food, and (hopefully), making lots of healthy choices along the way.

Once it came to question time, there was also some great questions from the audience. A question about breakfast for kids, along with quick and easy snacks evoked some laughter at the response of Luke Hines, when he suggested baked green chicken curry… I’ve got to say though, I absolutely love that idea, and may have to give it a try myself!

And such fun to see fellow dietitian Nicole Dynan win a prize at the end!

Thanks again for having me at What Should I Eat guys! x

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