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Chloe Mcleod

Chloe is one of the most experienced and sought after dietitians in Australia. Her expertise working with individuals with gut issues, food sensitivities and arthritis and autoimmune conditions, particularly those who are wanting to continue to be at the top of their game is unmatched.
Chloe’s expertise collaborating with food brands is well demonstrated through her work with businesses whose products align with her values, of helping people be their healthiest selves.

Services Offered

Individual Nutrition

Chloe is highly skilled at assisting you with making the changes you need to optimise your health.

Consulting to Companies

Chloe’s skills collaborating with food companies is frequently sought out.


Chloe works as a media dietitian through regularly writing for publications such as Vogue, Body & Soul and Women’s Health.

Corporate Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing directly impacts business productivity and success.

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