Breast milk components that help promote sleep

As you will have seen in my previous article, there are many breast milk components that serve different functions, such as sleep.  They interestingly also change across the day and night to promote either alertness during the day or sleepiness at night, which you can read more on here. Why do the components of milk matter? Breast milk […]

Breast feed, formula feed or mix feed?

baby feeding

One thing I know I certainly didn’t comprehend before becoming a parent was just how time consuming breast feeding – or pumping – is on your life. Whether you choose to breast feed, formula feed or mix feed is a personal choice, and doesn’t come down to a single factor (for most of us!). For […]

Breast milk composition changes 

Breast milk composition changes pending time of day, as you read about in my previous article. Breast milk contains higher levels of cortisol and activity-promoting amino acids during the day, to promote alertness, feeding behaviour, and catabolic processes in infants.  Night milk contains high levels of melatonin and tryptophan to foster sleep, relax digestion, and support […]

Navigating the festive season with food intolerance

The festive season brings with it a lot of joy.  It is a time of celebrating with family and friends, which often centres around food and drinks.  Add into that multiple Christmas Parties and dinners out (because we can finally dine out again!) and we’ve got up to a whole month where we are eating […]

Are collagen supplements safe during breast feeding?

Collagen, which makes up 30% of our total protein mass, is the fibrous structural connective tissue present in ligaments, tendons, cartilage, blood vessels and of course our skin. There are in fact 28 types of collagen! The unfortunate reality is that from the age of 18, the amount of collagen present in our bodies declines […]

Human breast milk changes pending time of day

Did you know that the formulation of human breast milk changes pending time of day, throughout the course of the day and night? *cue brain explosion* I remember when I first read the research on this, and so many dots fell into place. For those who exclusively breast feed (i.e., not pump), this may seem […]

Managing Malnutrition

When we picture what healthy eating looks like, for most people it would look like a diet that’s mostly filled with a variety of fruit, vegetables, wholegrains, protein foods, dairy, legumes, nuts and seeds, with some room for fun foods as well. However, health challenges resulting in malnutrition, where energy and protein needs are elevated, […]

Why are Seeds a Great Addition to Your Diet?

Seeds. Though they be but small, they are mighty.  Seeds are all examples of reproductive components of plants, which we eat as a tasty addition to our food. Seeds are FODMAP friendly and a fabulous way to include a variety of macro and micronutrients into your diet.  They are rich in protein, healthy fats and […]

Collagen, more than just a fad

If you are yet to hear of the benefits of using collagen, chances are you’re someone who isn’t spending a whole lot of time on social media. With many fads, popularity comes and goes (hello coconut oil!). But where there is science, things stick. And luckily enough, when it comes to collagen, the science, whilst […]