Even for someone like myself, who loves cooking and creating new meals, life can sometimes get busy, and eating well can sometimes be difficult. I was lucky enough to road test Eat Fit Food recently, which is a meal delivery service.

On top of a rather crazy schedule to start the year, my partner regularly travels for work, meaning that sometimes when I get home late, whipping up a healthy meal can feel like a chore, or I maybe less organised with my lunch than usual and not want to eat the same thing as I did yesterday.

Whilst I am a huge advocate for being organised, and prepping meals ahead of time to freeze, sometimes, that doesn’t quite cut the mustard!

I was pretty stoked to try out Eat Fit Food Cleanse program in a particularly busy week recently; see my 4 favourite things about my food that week:


  1. Fewer decisionsEat Fit Food

I don’t know about you, but I usually spend an extraordinary time thinking about food (especially when my awesome clients tell me the delicious things they’re cooking, their inspo is the best!). But I actually really loved not having to think about it. Do I need to get to the shops? No. Do I need to prep anything before work? No. Do I need to make any other decision other than which meal to have for lunch or dinner, from a choice of two? No. Vegan shepherds Pie or Moroccan Fish…? You get my drift.


  1. Time Saver

On day 1 I had an incredibly big day, which culminated in finishing with skype clients at around 8pm. I loved the fact that I literally had to take the container from the fridge (the Moroccan Fish), heat for a couple of minutes, then dig in. One day I actually fit two workouts in, with a big part of this being due to the fact that I didn’t have to get any shopping done. Ah-may-zing.


  1. Eat Fit FoodFresh, great quality meals

All the meals were cooked fresh, meaning no frozen meals. Whilst these can be handy, it felt, and tasted so much healthier eating such great, fresh produce. A mix of vegetarian, vegan and meat containing meals were all supplied as well. The mix of meals actually looked like a selection that I’d often recommend to clients myself!


  1. All the beans!

Eat fit foodMy clients and friends (even those with IBS), know how much of an advocate I am for the humble legumes, mostly due to their prebiotic and anti-inflammatory properties. I loved that these didn’t just make a token appearance in the weeks meals, but featured either as a star of the dish, or as a wonderful compliment many times.


So would I recommend Eat Fit Food?

Well, considering I was already recommending Eat Fit Food‘s fab meals prior to trying them out, I think now I am only more likely to. In particularly, if you are super busy and are struggling to find time to prepare healthy meals, or simply want a bit of a reset/change to help you get on track with portion sizes and healthy eating, their meals are certainly worth enjoying!


Thanks so much to Eat Fit Food for supplying the meals which have then resulted in this post.

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