Falling asleep to the sound of… silence. Waking up to birds chirping in the trees, and the sun peaking through the curtains you forgot to close because the only light outside is from the stars… Tick, and tick. Recently my fiancé and I were lucky enough to pack up and leave the craziness of the city behind for a couple of days, to enjoy the pristine peacefulness of mother nature. Two days of serenity were definitely found on our recent trip to Mistere Spa and Retreat, at Urliup in the Gold Coast hinterland.

Settling into our villa on our first day, after picking up some delicious local produce to enjoy was our number one priority. I particularly loved how the kitchen was situated on the balcony, so perfect for enjoying the final rays of sun as they went down whilst organising our dinner. Or if I’m honest… perfect for my fiancé to do the cooking, as I was utterly spoiled and had my dinner cooked for me. Bliss!

My hands down favourite thing about the villa though? Without a doubt… the bath. I mean check it…

This was the absolute perfect way to end the day, winding down with the current novel, or peaking out into the greenery on the other side of the window (and check out that view of the lake!)

Waking up each morning and exploring the various walks available to guests was a great way to start the day, and then exploring the local mountains and and nearby ocean – who said this was Winter?!

For those of you who know me well, slowing down is not my forte. In recent times, slowing down has become a necessity, rather than a choice! Having this couple of days out with the space to truly take a pause and reset was just what the doctor ordered, and am so grateful for the wonderful opportunity to do this at Mistere Spa and Retreat – thank you!

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