The best sources of iron for vegan athletes

Want to know how to get enough iron on a plant-based diet? Here are the best sources of iron for vegan athletes (and all vegans!) and how to increase iron absorption with a few simple habits.  What is iron?  From pumping blood to boosting brain power, iron is an essential mineral that plays an important […]

<strong>Gut health, food and mood</strong>

Did you know that the foods you eat can impact your mood? Serotonin is a chemical that can stabilise mood, assist with sleep and digestion and contribute to feelings of happiness. Around 90% of the serotonin in our bodies is produced in your gastrointestinal tract, which is why it is important to keep our ‘good […]

How to eat more fruit and vegetables every day

Since we were young, we’ve always been told to eat our vegetables. Yet only 8% of the population over 18 are getting the right amount. Today I’m going to provide some tips around how to eat more fruit and vegetables each day.   Serving sizes  First thing’s first, let’s map out what a serve of fruit […]

What to eat for triathlon training

If you’re an athlete, fueling your body adequately is essential to enhance physical performance and recovery. More than that, fueling with the right foods at the right times can make all the difference when it comes to getting the most from your training session.For triathletes, training for three sports at the same places places a […]

How to optimise your gut health with simple food swaps

With this blog post, my aim is to show you how to optimise your gut health and take it to the next level. Keep reading and bookmark this article so that you can have these simple food swaps on hand whenever you need to refer back to it. First step? More plant foods!  Research has […]

Protein 101: Everything you need to know

When you hear the word ‘protein’, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Maybe images of body builders sporting huge plates of meat? While protein definitely does play an important role in muscle, building, maintenance and preventing age-related muscle loss, it is just one of many amazing things that it can do for all […]

5 probiotic-rich foods to add to your diet

You’ve probably heard about probiotics by now, but do you know just how important they are when it comes to overall health. Consuming them has been shown to support a healthy and diverse microbiome which, in turn, supports wellbeing. While we don’t know exactly how many probiotics are found in food due to factors like […]

Improve your gut health in 6 simple steps

Gut and bowel health are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason! But what exactly does it mean to maintain and improve your gut health? It’s much easier than you probably think and our quick and easy guide on how to take care of your tum will have you improving your gut health naturally in […]

Diet diversity: It’s more important than you think

Kickstarting new healthy-eating habits can be a daunting process, especially when you’ll inevitably see your grocery list getting longer. But too often we stick to the same produce, products and recipes we like and are used to. Read on and we might change your mind when it comes to diet diversity.  The gut-brain axis A […]

What are the health benefits of olive oil

Extra-virgin olive oil (lovingly known as EVOO) is the juice squeezed directly from olive fruits. It is not refined or extracted using chemicals or heat. This means that it’s naturally high in antioxidants and beneficial fats. We have plenty of evidence that the consumption of EVOO has a multitude of health benefits. In particular, it […]