Two Days of Serenity

Falling asleep to the sound of… silence. Waking up to birds chirping in the trees, and the sun peaking through the curtains you forgot to close because the only light outside is from the stars… Tick, and tick. Recently my fiancé and I were lucky enough to pack up and leave the craziness of the […]

Why it’s important to take some time out

As you may have seen from my insta account recently, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a few days at Billabong Retreat for 3 days of meditation, yoga and insanely delicious food. With all of life’s pressures, it can be so easy to let self care slide, so when the opportunity arose to spend a […]

Top 5 Strategies for Healthy Skin!

Nourishing your skin from both the inside and outside is key for strong, healthy skin. Here are my top 5 strategies for helping create healthy skin, including why camel milk may be such a great choice for your skin care routine! Hydrate Water water water. Many people don’t drink enough on a daily basis, and […]

Grains for Muscle Gains

Did you know grains are a good source of protein? I recently had a great chat with Ed Philips on Talking Lifestyle about the benefits of including wholegrains, above their fibre content! Listen in here!  

Miso Chicken & Salad Sandwich

You saw my recent post all about the fab new Bakers Delight Wholegrain Lo Fo Loaf, today I have recipe number two – a Miso Chicken and Salad Sandwich! In collaboration with Bakers Delight, I’ve been undertaking the No Challenge Challenge, to show that delicious bread can be eaten on a daily basis when you […]

Spicing it up to eat more veggies

There are currently four in five Australians not eating enough vegetables on a daily basis. Whilst stats like this aren’t exactly new, it is no less concerning. Given the many wondrous things we know vegetables do for our health. A recent study however has found spicing it up to eat more veggies may be the […]

Why nutrition is part of my training

Ruby cycles for the female Australian pro cycling team Roxsolt Attaquer.  I’ve been lucky enough to work with her over the last few months. Ruby’s been killing it in her races, and is about to head off to the US and Europe for their summer cycling season. Ruby’s been kind enough to write about her experiences […]

Eat. Sleep. Train. Repeat.

There is nothing quite as rejuvenating as getting a good night’s sleep. For athletes, ensuring sleep is adequate in both duration and quality is essential. Particularly as their schedules often look something like ‘eat sleep train repeat’. Why? Did you know that research shows that sleep has a direct and significant impact on how well […]

Weight Loss and BMR

I am super excited to have Amanda Gaukroger writing a guest post for me today about Weight Loss and BMR! Amanda has been writing for me regularly over on The FODMAP Challenge blog – head on over to find out more about her! Over to you Amanda…! Weight Loss and BMR When it comes to […]

Gelatin for Joint Health

As some of you know I’ve had knee issues for some time, with everything getting a little worse recently. When I called my Nana to tell her the news, her advice was ‘start adding gelatin to your diet, just mix it in water and drink it’.  I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t feeling […]